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Your birth preparation with a 2 hour documenatry online stream*

The latest state of science explained by the best obstetricians and midwives worldwide.


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“I hope and wish Mrs. Hauck and the film that it awakens.”
Paula Diederichs Director of the SchreiBabyAmbulanz Berlin-Mitte
“The film will make a significant contribution to improving obstetrics, I’m sure of that.”
Marlene Ottinger, Midwife
“I hope that this film will become mandatory in the training of obstetricians and midwives.”
Dr. Christoph Atzl, OA Obstetrics LKH Feldkirch, Austria

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Do we need midwives?

The film explores the question of what makes a physiological birth safe and what disrupts it. What are the consequences of interventions on the birth process, for mother and child, and also for future society?

In interviews, women and couples describe their experiences before, during and after childbirth. German and international researchers, midwives and doctors such as Ina May Gaskin (USA) and Michael Odent (GB) share their experiences and the current state of obstetrics research.

Classical medical-scientific illustration visualizes the anatomical conditions and the effect of hormones during childbirth. The animated cartoons show in a funny and dry way the daily routine at birth stations.

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The best birth preparation

What use does the film have for you as a woman?
  • old and new knowledge about birth
  • Confidence in your body and your ability to give birth
  • Understanding of physical processes
  • Knowledge about the optimal birth position
  • relativize your fear of childbirth or even make it go away
  • you have a well-founded decision-making tool for choosing your birthplace
  • you know what questions you’re going to ask the clinic to consider for your birth
  • Understanding why your first birth may have gone out of control and how to prepare for the next birth
  • you will know after the movie that as a woman you can experience and master your birth powerfully from your own
What is the benefit of the film for you as a partner?
  • the most up-to-date knowledge from science and medicine
  • sound understanding of physical processes
  • knowledge about the optimal birth position
  • talking at eye level with doctors
  • relative fear of childbirth or to make it disappear
  • the film is a good decision-making aid for choosing the birthplace
  • you know what questions you’re going to ask the clinic
  • confidence in your partner’s body and ability to give birth
  • understanding how you can be useful in childbirth
  • you know that your partner can handle childbirth on her own

Carola Hauck

The safe Birth -
Do we need Midwives?

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Carola Noëlle Hauck

I made this film to provide you with a lot of valuable information about childbirth that you usually only get through your studies. In this way you can prepare very well for the birth of your child and know what your body needs to make it an easy birth at best.


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Carola Hauck

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