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Ina May Gaskin The safe Birth

Ina May Gaskin
Midwife, CPM and winner of the Alternative Nobel Prize;
The Farm, Tennessee, US:

“Hormones depend on the emotional state of the mother.

Dr. Michel Odent
Primal Reseach Center, London, UK:

“A woman in labor needs protection against all sorts of disturbances in her thinking part of the brain!”

Michel Odent natürliche Geburt
Hebammenwissenschaft Prof. Rainhild Schäfers

Prof. Dr. Rainhild Schäfers
Professor of Midwifery, University of Health, Bochum:

“Most interventions are made out of forensic uncertainty.

Dr. Volker Korbei
obstetrician retired; founder and director of the birth house Nußdorf, Vienna:

“The midwife takes care of the pregnant woman as long as the pregnancy remains in the field of health and the midwife is the most competent person for the healthy pregnant woman.

Dr. Korbei Geburtshaus Nussdorf Intuition

PD Dr. Heike Rabe
Research Group for Neonatology;
Brighton & Sussex University Hospitals, UK:

“The so-called belated abnelling is important for the child’s proper adaptation and motor development, as we now know from long-term studies.

Prof. Dr. med. Frank Louwen
Prof. for Obstetrics and Perinatology
Johann-Wolfgang Goethe University, Frankfurt a. M.:

“Breech are only rarely an indication for a caesarean section.”

DGGG Prof. Dr. Dr. Frank Louwen
Hebamme Verena Schmid

Verena Schmid
midwife and PD; salutogenesis and natural birth,
Salzburg, Austria and Italy:

“Stress closes the body. It is at the beginning of all pathologies, including obstetrics!”

Dr. med. Herbert Renz-Polster
Paediatrician and Associate Scientist
at the Mannheim Institute for Public Health, University of Heidelberg

“The child decides when it wants to be born.

Amanda Burleigh
Midwife and co-founder of the global campaign “Wait for White”
Leeds, UK:

“Immediate and too fast abnormally endangers the child. As a result, up to a third of its blood volume is missing.

Prof. Dr. med. Sven Hildebrandt
Professor of Midwifery Training;
Founder and director of the Dresden Birthplace:

“The placenta has to bleed out in order for it to be born. This phase of birth needs just as intensive care from a quiet midwife as the birth of the child.

Tamara Hussendörfer
Osteopath, Munich:

“The facial skull also needs the compression of vaginal birth. Just like the lungs to be able to fully develop.

Dr. Riccardo Pfister
Neonatologist, (20 years of long-term Caesarean section study);
University Hospital Geneva, CH:

“Compared to vaginal birth, the primary caesarean section (planned caesarean section) is not a safe form of birth.

Anatomie Geburtshilfe

Dr. Eduard Winter
Electropathologist, Administrator of the Pathological-Anatomical Collection in the Narrenturm, Vienna, Austria:

“The so-called lying birth only came with the doctors. Before that, midwives brought a delivery chair with them or they had something like that at home.

Florian Ziegler
Osteopath, Munich

“In the back position, the pelvis cannot open as it should. This means that the child’s head can’t get through there because space is limited.

Florian Ziegler Osteopathie in der Schwangerschaft
“I hope and wish Mrs. Hauck and the film that it awakens.”
Paula Diederichs Director of the SchreiBabyAmbulanz Berlin-Mitte
“The film will make a significant contribution to improving obstetrics, I’m sure of that.”
Marlene Ottinger, Midwife
“I hope that this film will become mandatory in the training of obstetricians and midwives.”
Dr. Christoph Atzl, OA Obstetrics LKH Feldkirch, Austria

Carola Hauck

The safe Birth -
Do we need Midwives?

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